Tofutur Tofu Press

Tofutur Tofu Press

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Tofu Press

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A unique stylish Tofu Press that removes the water from unpressed tofu simply and effectively.

The gradual nature of the pressing will give your tofu the perfect texture and consistency for it to absorb gorgeous marinades or the beautiful flavours of the dish you are preparing. The Tofu Press is easy to use, dishwasher safe and fits into your fridge when pressing. It will revolutionise the way you enjoy tofu.

Now a world of tastes and textures opens up which enables you to explore the versatility of tofu. Roast, grill, fry, bake in a pie, whiz into mousse, create amazing veggie burgers, egg-free quiches, a completely new pizza topping, the list is endless.

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Dimensions 14 × 12 cm


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